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    Polish National Parks – Ojców National Park

    The smallest National Park in Poland, located in Małopolska Region, about 20 km northwest of Kraków.

    Ojców National Park was established in 1956 and its name took from the name of the village (Ojców). Headquarters are located in that village – Ojców. 


    The Park is located on the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, also known as the Polish Jura or Polish Jurassic Highland. It consists of hilly landscapes with limestone rocks, valleys, cliffs, and vast limestone formations. 



    Additional information:

    – hiking trails (a total of about 61 km),

    – Łokietek Cave,

    – castle in Pieskowa Skala,

    – Regional Museum of the Polish Tourist Society in Ojców,

    – ruins of the Kazimierzowski Castle in Ojców,

    – chapel “On the Water” in Ojców,

    – church and hermitage of Blessed Salomea in Grodzisk,

    – Boronia mill and sawmill in Grodzisk.


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