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    Greenpeace has postponed the end of the world

    “11 of the last 14 years were record warm, the Arctic ice cap is shrinking, last year’s crazy oil and food prices gave an earnest of chaos,” on the Greenpeace website was written. This is how, before the climate summit, activists warned politicians that in a decade or so they would be ashamed for not acting.

    However, these words were spoken not in 2021, but 12 years ago, before the Copenhagen Summit. Then, neither the politicians made changes, nor have I heard them apologize for the omissions. And the world goes round. 


    There is also environmentalist propaganda going around. In 2006, Al Gore argued that we have only a decade to take action. He even won a Nobel Prize for his work with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). 15 years after those calls, five years after the deadline, environmentalists are still warning that we have 10 years left again.


    Funny. The funny thing is that Donald Tusk, who was on Greenpeace billboards in 2009 as the culprit for the climate crisis in 2020, now in 2021 he has activists at will. He just calls them out, and they soon come running to the meetings to do the background. This was the case, for example, on August 18. For the climate activist’s memory must be short and selective. Such a policy. 


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