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    How will the Border Guard behave in the event of an assault? Major Zdanowska on different scenarios

    – When the situation will threaten the life and health of officers and all prerequisites of the ordinance on the use of means of direct coercion will be met, it is possible to use them – says in an interview with a spokesperson for the Podlaskie Force of the Border Guard, Major Katarzyna Zdanowska. At the same time, she noted that it was too early to talk about details.

    There is a concentration of illegal migrants near the Polish-Belarusian border, which may result in a mass attempt to illegally cross it. The migrants have already set up a large encampment, but it is difficult at present to estimate when the assault will take place, or at what location.


    Major Katarzyna Zdanowska assured us that the situation on the border is being constantly monitored and that all necessary measures have been taken to prevent an illegal crossing of the border by migrants.


    We’re watching the situation. Of course, we know that a large number of people are gathering there and we are waiting for the situation to develop,” said the spokesperson in an interview with Niezalezna. pl.


    “We are taking appropriate measures to secure the borders of our state,” she added. She admitted that despite the concentration of migrants near the Polish border, the border crossing (in Kuźnica) functions normally. – These people are scattering,” she reported.


    Major Zdanowska did not want to disclose details concerning the observation of the behaviour of migrants, but she admitted that the police actively and extensively supported the activities of border services. 


    “The police have been supporting us since the very beginning of the migrant crisis. In addition to 2,000 officers in the Podlasie Force we are supported by about 8,000 soldiers of the Polish army, but also several hundred police officers who are with us in such situations to react directly and prevent an illegal crossing of the Polish-Belarusian border,” explained Katarzyna Zdanowska.


    The Spokesperson did not specify what measures would be taken in the case of a mass attempt by illegal migrants to cross the Polish border, but she pointed out that “when the situation poses a threat to the life and health of officers and all the prerequisites under the regulation on the use of direct coercive measures are met, they might be applied”. At the same time, she pointed out that it is too early to talk about it.


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