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    Żaryn: We expect another influx of immigrants

    – There is a definite escalation of the problem. We expect another influx of groups, which are being prepared in Minsk to go further to the west,” said the spokesman of the Minister – Special Services Coordinator Stanisław Żaryn. As it was reported today, Belarus is training Afghan and Iraqi war veterans to carry out armed attacks on the border with Poland, a former member of the Belarusian regime warns.

    The spokesman was asked on Radio Plus about the situation near the Kuźnica border crossing, where a large group of immigrants had been staying since the beginning of the week. The situation there is dynamic, he said, and immigrants have been divided into groups that he believes will serve to stretch the crisis along the border.


    “We also know and expect another influx of groups that are being prepared in Minsk to go further west. We expect this group of immigrants to grow larger in the coming days or hours. There is a definite escalation of the problem, with decisively greater challenges in the days ahead,” said Żaryn. 


    He added that Polish services estimate that there are between 10,000 and 15,000 immigrants currently in Belarus, who have arrived there in recent months via Minsk airport. “We expect that one of the tactics may be to divide these immigrants into different groups to organize attempts to enter Polish territory in different places,” added Żaryn.


    He also said the massive attempts by immigrants to push the border were conducive to provocations.


    “We are aware that some of these provocations are done to sell the Polish reaction in the propaganda media, to create a narrative in the information war, which we see on this occasion,” Żaryn said.

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