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    A documentary film about Anna Walentynowicz

    “Until now, it is not certain whether the body of Anna Walentynowicz rests in a grave in Gdańsk. It is as if suspended. This is what this film is about. The role of her son and her grandson is to find her: physical, factual – what happened to the corpse and spiritual finding,” says about the documentary “Anna Walentynowicz. Where Do We Come From, Who Are We, Where Are We Going” director Jerzy Zalewski. The premiere of the production took place on November 9 in Warsaw.

    The film “Anna Walentynowicz. Where Do We Come From, Who We Are, Where Are We Going”, directed by Krzysztof Wojciechowski and Jerzy Zalewski, is a picture showing the steadfast heroine of “Solidarity” from childhood in Ukraine, through the Stalinist times in Poland, to the tragic death in the Smolensk catastrophe. However, this is not an ordinary biography. The film goes beyond its frames, reaches metaphysics – is more shocking, powerful, unforgettable. And although many of these events took place before our eyes, we have a chance to see them anew, in a completely different light, to get to know the hidden meaning. “Searching for truth is searching for God,” says one of the characters in the film. This document is a search for truth. We owe this truth to Anna Walentynowicz, Anna the Solidarity.


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