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    The Poles beat the Germans again. This time in rugby

    Polish rugby players won against Germany 21:16 (3:13) in a Rugby Europe Trophy match on Saturday afternoon. The win at the National Rugby Stadium moved them up to first place in the table. The hero of the white and red team was Wojciech Piotrowicz, who scored all the points by completing seven penalty kicks.

    With their victory against favoured Germany, the red and white team moved into first place in the Rugby Europe Trophy table. At the inauguration, they defeated the representation of Ukraine (27:24) and with a set of points lead in the competition. 


    Six teams are competing in this year’s Rugby Europe Trophy season, which is played on a round-robin system. The winner will face the chance to advance to the Rugby Europe Championships (they will play a play-off with the last team from the second level). The weakest team will be relegated instead.


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