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    There is only a handful of women and children. However, they are the ones being pushed to the front of the line. Behind them journalists

    Although they make up a small part of the brought group, the Lukashenko regime’s services directed women and children to the border in the first place. Right behind them, journalists were lined up. The Polish services are on full alert. Watch the new video below.

    The movement of migrants from a makeshift camp to the border crossing point in Kuźnica is a planned operation by Belarusian services. The Ministry of Defense reported that the action was most likely directed from a command vehicle located at the rear of the former migrant encampment.


    The Ministry of Defence had earlier exposed the instrumental use of migrants by the Belarusian authorities. – Migrants, mainly women and children, are forced to approach the fence so that the Belarusian media can prepare their propaganda material.


    According to the Police, the regime’s services first targeted women and children in front of the border infrastructure, although they are a small part of the group brought in, with journalists lined up right behind them. Men, however, make up the vast majority of the area. The Polish services are on full alert.



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