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    Construction on the border dam will begin this year. Works will be continued 24 round-the-clock

    – Construction on the border dam will begin later this year. The work will be carried out simultaneously by different companies on four sections, 24 hours a day in a three-shift mode,” said Mariusz Kamiński. – These are the main recommendations after today’s meeting of the inter-ministerial team on dam construction, he added.

    Since the morning, migrants have been gathering at the border crossing in Kuźnica on the Belarusian side. An attempt to forcibly push the border is being prepared. Everything takes place under the supervision of Belarusian services. Polish soldiers are on standby.


    The movement of migrants from a makeshift camp to the border crossing point in Kuźnica is a planned operation by Belarusian services. According to the Ministry of Defense, the action is most likely being directed from a command vehicle located at the rear of the former migrant encampment.


    According to the Police, the regime’s services first targeted women and children under the border infrastructure, although they are a small part of the group brought in, with journalists lined up right behind them. Men, however, make up the vast majority of the area.


    Meanwhile, Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration and Minister Coordinator for Special Services Mariusz Kaminski tweeted that construction of the border dam would begin later that year.



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