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    From Tuesday, the Science and Business Forum in Rzeszów

    Man for technology or technology for a man – this is the main topic of the second edition of the Science and Business Forum, which holds in Rzeszów from Tuesday (23 Nov). During the two-day event, over 40 speakers from the world of science and business will perform.

    The organizer of the forum is the Podkarpackie Innovation Center in Rzeszów. The event is nationwide and participation is free of charge.

    As emphasized by the program director of the Center for Ethics of Technology and one of the speakers of the forum, Maciej Chojnowski, during the event, its participants will try to answer questions about the relationship between humans and technology.

    “During my speech, I will talk about artificial intelligence, which is a dynamically developing digital technology that raises more and more concerns. I will talk about AI ethics, its goals and conditions necessary for its effective implementation. It is the trustworthy artificial intelligence – in line with the European Union’s policy – that is to be the flagship product of the Old Continent,” he added.

    Forum participants will also consider how to treat robots that will soon become our everyday life.


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