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    Czarnecki awarded with the title of Honorary Professor of the Eurasian National University

    Ryszard Czarnecki was awarded the title of the Honorary Professor of the Eurasian National University.

    Ryszard Czarnecki visited the Eurasian National University on 20 November. He met with the leadership of the University in the person of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Erkin Ongarbayev, as well as teachers and students. 


    Czarnecki wrote about it on Twitter:

    “I was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Eurasian National University – one of the most prestigious Universities in Kazakhstan (Pope John Paul II was here). Rakmiet (means “Thank you” – editor’s note)”


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    In early November, Czarnecki announced that he had received an “Honorary Doctorate of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. “Polish and European Union relations with Uzbekistan are very important,” the politician wrote at the time.



    The UWED awarded the Polish MEP “in acknowledgement of his significant contribution to the strategic partnership and diplomatic relations in strengthening bilateral relations and friendship between the Republic of Uzbekistan and European Union”.


    In 2015, as Vice-President of the European Parliament responsible for Eastern policy, Czarnecki received an honorary doctorate from the State University of Foreign Languages and Social Sciences in Yerevan (Armenia). 

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