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    Conference on the presentation of the album “The beauty of volleyball”

    The presentation of the album “Beautiful volleyball” – a photographic story about different faces of volleyball in Poland, is taking place on the 6th of December at the Hotel Gromada Centrum.

    Lightness and strength are enchanted in the human body. The clash of fantasy and improvisation with the learned and trained. Courage and humility are present in gestures, facial expressions, posture. Fulfilment and insatiability, physicality and spirituality – the beauty of volleyball. The album shows different faces of the volleyball world, its beauty and paradoxes. The heroes of the photos are triumphers of the most important international events of the last half-century, but also young people and children just beginning their training. This collection of evocative images from several decades, collected in one volume, enforces extraordinary power and energy.


    The meeting will be attended by the heroes of the album – outstanding players and coaches, the author – Maciej Zdziarski and the initiator of the publication – Ryszard Czarnecki.


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