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    Hybrid press conference “Dinosaurs in Mazovia. Discovery of world's unique fossils”

    Perfectly preserved dinosaur footprints were discovered in one of the opencast mines in Mazovia. These have been the best-preserved tracks from those described so far in Poland. The finding is of great importance for the study of the geological history of our region and the Jurassic world.

    The discovery was made by a team of Polish scientists from the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute and Uppsala University. The number and, above all, the quality of the finds have exceeded all the dinosaur footprints discovered so far in Poland. The quality of their behaviour is equal to the best-known specimens from Greenland, North America, South Africa or China. The largest tracks from Masovia are almost 40 cm long.


    During the conference (13th December 2021), the authors of the discovery will demonstrate the original rock materials – including an imprint of a dinosaur femur.


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