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    Corruption in the EU and the European People's Party

    Polish prosecutors should initiate an investigation concerning the EU corruption scandal, according to Jean Quatremer, an investigative journalist for France’s Libération, who exposed the EU scandal.

    “This is a conflict of interest,” the Frenchman tells “Gazeta Polska” about the attitude of CJEU judges who have been partying with Commission officials for lobbyists’ money while ruling on Poland’s case. According to the French journalist, as many as nine out of 27 judges of the Court of Justice of the EU, were involved in the procedure of influence trading. 


    The Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office has the right to initiate an investigation into this case, as it may involve the misappropriation of public funds from Polish taxpayers.


    The latest “Gazeta Polska” (available from 15 December) writes more about the case.


    As the weekly checked, the judges referred to by the French daily were present on the panels during the most important trials for Poland.


    “Let us remind you that the scandal, in which the judges of the CJEU, Commissioners from the European Commission and Brussels lobbyists are involved, began with the case of the former auditor of the European Court of Auditors (ECA) Karel Pinxten. The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has accused Pinxten of embezzling up to €500,000 from the EU budget. Pinxten was said to have made personal trips, including to Asia and Cuba, which he then sought to book in the performance of his duties,” we read in “GP”.


    As “Gazeta Polska” informs, the Polish prosecutor’s office is allowed to initiate an investigation under Article 110 § 1 of the Criminal Code. It states that “The Polish Criminal Act shall be applied to a foreigner who has committed abroad a criminal offense directed against the interests of the Republic of Poland”.


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