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    Is this a boycott of MMA VIP? First partner has already withdrawn

    MMA VIP will not take place in the sports arena in Kielce – confirmed the city councilman, Marcin Stępniewski. The event organized by Marcin Najman is being boycotted because of the cooperation that the ex-boxer had with the gang boss Andrzej Zielinski known as ‘Słowik’.

    MMA VIP was originally planned to take place in the sports hall in Kielce. The organizers will have to look for another venue because, as city councillor Marcin Stępniewski informed, the city authorities withdrew their cooperation with Marcin Najman over the recent events. 


    “Good evening, the official statement of the Kielce authorities is that the event will not take place in urban areas, the contract was not concluded, so there is no decision to revoke the event. I will add ‘thank you’ to you, because if there were no notoriety, the agreement would be concluded this week,” Marcin Stępniewski wrote.



    Marcin Najman couldn’t ommit the information, as he decided to heat the atmosphere by suggesting in his Tweet a new venue for the gala related to Słowik’s obscure past.


    “Well… if not in Kielce, then maybe in Pruszów MMA-VIP 4?” he wrote.



    The authority’s contract with the gala organizers was expected to be signed this week. The plans of Kielce authorities were changed by a conference held on Saturday, January 8. Marcin Najman, who is the husband of the owner of MMA VIP, presented the new head of the federation – Andrzej Zielinski. He is a former gangster who has been repeatedly convicted of various heinous crimes, including leading an armed criminal group that brutally extorted ransom money from local businessmen, also known as the Pruszków gang.


    Krzysztof Stanowski, a sports journalist, co-founder of the Kanał Sportowy, also referred to the situation. He condemned the Federation’s cooperation with the former recidivist, thereby encouraging partners to opt out of sponsoring this gala.


    “One should be really an idiot to work together and publicly praise cooperation with the gangster, criminal and cattle. I hope that the companies that advertise there are doing this for the last time,” he commented on Twitter.



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