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    History of Polish Brands – PAP's new photo project

    The Polish Press Agency (PAP) has launched a photo project called History of Polish Brands, as part of which it organizes thematic exhibitions of archival PAP photos. A dedicated website will publish unique photographs, articles and videos showing the development of Polish companies.

    “The PAP Photo Archive comprises more than 18 million unique and often priceless photographs documenting social, economic, and cultural life over the past 100+ years. The strength of the project will be the photographs of Polish brands, companies whose activity goes back to the war times,” said Katarzyna Liebrecht, head of the PAP Photo Archive team.


    The website will feature photographs showing the architecture of the factories, product manufacturing processes, worker profiles, and the climate of work from decades ago.


    “Many of the photos will appear for the first time,” announced Catherine Liebrecht.


    Photo galleries will be supplemented with text and video.


    The history of Polish Brands also includes exhibitions organized by the Polish Press Agency (PAP), which allow you to travel back in time to the life of many years ago. It will also allow you to learn about the culture and traditions of Poles in pre-war and post-war times.


    The website presents, among others, a report from the exhibition including unique and previously unpublished pre-war photographs of the Saski Palace. The black and white photographs beautifully depict the architecture of the Palace and neighbouring buildings, as well as the style of clothing worn by Warsaw residents strolling around the Saxon Garden.


    One of the project’s elements, History in a Camera, is a proposal for lovers of looking at social, political or sports issues through the prism of emotions, sounds, colours, closed in old photographs. The thematic photo galleries are carefully prepared by the PAP Photo Archive team to present selected topics such as historical anniversaries, social actions, celebrated holidays, fashion, sports and curiosities.

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