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    Up to -20 degrees in Poland!

    In the east and foothills snow and frost, even to -20 degrees in the Carpathians, and the west of the high clouds and rain – this is the promise of the current week.

    On Monday in the southeast will be clear and without precipitation, in the rest of the country cloudy with snow showers changing to rain with snow and in the west to rain or drizzle, sometimes freezing and causing glare. Temperatures in the east from -6 deg C to 0, and in the west from 1 deg C to 6 deg C.


    Night from Monday to Tuesday in the east of the country will be frosty, the temperature in the Podkarpackie and Lublin regions will drop to -15 degrees C, and in the foothills of the Bieszczady Mountains to -20 degrees C. In the west, the temperature will range from 0 to plus 3 degrees C. This large temperature difference will be due to the remaining in the east of the cold air mass of Arctic origin and the inflow to the west of the warmer polar marine mass, following the passage of a low-level gulf with a warm front.


    Tuesday will be cloudy across the country with snow in the east and rain in the west, locally in the southeast also freezing and causing glaze. In the Carpathians, snowfall and there the thickness of the snow cover may increase by about 10 cm. Almost throughout the country, the temperature during the day will be above 0 ° C. The speed and gustiness of northwest wind will increase.


    From Wednesday until the end of the week Poland will be on the edge of the low, whose centre will move from the North Sea over Lithuania. Cloudy conditions will be high with clearing and snow showers in the east and mostly rain or snow showers in the rest of the area.


    The divide between the warmer west and cooler east will continue. Overnight temperatures in the east will range from -8 degrees C to 0, while the west will range from -1 degrees C to 4; in turn, during the day will be respectively from -2 degrees C to 3 degrees C and 2 degrees C to 7 degrees C.

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