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    The cuisine from Lubuskie Voivodeship

    The most characteristic element of regionality is the cuisine, where we can taste and smell the traditional ingredients of the area. The cuisine is therefore diverse and a conglomeration of cuisines from different regions. Nevertheless, Lubuskie voivodeship may boast many regional products and dishes that have been created based on already well-known dishes.

    However, there are a lot of forests here, which constitute almost half of the province’s area. It is nature that comes first here and this can also be seen in the traditional cuisine. All dishes are created by combining ingredients that nature has spawned. It is based primarily on products widely available in the province, namely freshwater fish, mushrooms, and game. 


    The most popular dishes in Lubuskie province:

    – wild boar ribs in tomato with honey,

    – beef in caramelized onions,

    – niebecz with cabbage,

    – cabbage rolls in sauerkraut with potatoes,

    – yeast dumplings with beans.

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