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    The European Year of Rail belonged to POLREGIO

    POLREGIO, the largest rail passenger carrier in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, has recorded dynamic growth in passenger numbers in double-digit figures. Thus, in the European Year of Rail, the company strengthened its leading position in the industry.

    In 2021, POLREGIO services were used by more than 62.6 million passengers, 6.9 million more than in 2020. This represents a 12% year-over-year increase. This gave the company a 25.6% market share in the past year. The average travel distance per passenger was just over 48 km.


    “These are very good results given the challenging environment in 2021, particularly the first quarter of last year. The UTK (Office of Rail Transport) data confirms the high effectiveness of transport services provided by POLREGIO. Our market share is 26%. This means that every fourth rail passenger in Poland used POLREGIO services in 2021. We are the only nationwide carrier in the country that efficiently provides daily transportation to residents across the country. A dense network of connections and over 1,900 stations throughout Poland form the basis of the passenger rail transportation system. Our goal for the next few years is to exceed pre-pandemic passenger levels. I am convinced that thanks to the ongoing investment program in new rolling stock we will soon exceed the threshold of 100 million passengers a year,” says Artur Martyniuk, President of the Management Board of POLREGIO S.A.


    In late 2021, the company launched an investment program worth up to PLN 7 billion. The vast majority of funds will be allocated to the purchase of nearly 300 new trains, including 264 modern ETZs.

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