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    Dawid Kubacki with the bronze medal after phenomenal jumps at the Olympic Games in Beijing

    Dawid Kubacki won the bronze medal in the Olympic ski jumping competition in Beijing on the normal hill (HS-106). Kamil Stoch was third at halftime but eventually came in sixth. Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi was the winner, Silver went to Austrian Manuel Fettner.

    The Polish ski jumpers have had their fans on this season, but their impressive condition seems to be noticeable during the Olympic Games in Beijing. The first round on the normal hill (HS-106) in Zhangjiakou was great for the white and red team.


    First up was Stefan Hula, who equaled the hill record with 103 m and forced the jury to lower the starting gate. Dawid Kubacki did not want to be worse than his teammate – the world champion from Seefeld added one more meter to Hula’s result. The Chinese wind was favorable for the jumpers and the record was improved once more with Danil Sadreev’s 107.5 meters.


    The ramp was again shortened and the wind changed its direction, but nothing stopped Kamil Stoch (101.5 m), who was third at halftime behind the fantastic Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi (104.5 m) and Slovenian Peter Prevc (103 m). All charges of coach Michał Dolezal advanced to the final. Kubacki was eighth after the first round, Hula was 23rd, Piotr Żyła was 27th.


    Lindvik was ahead of Kubacki! 103 meters! A great flight of a Pole! Sadreev didn’t make it, six more jumpers on top. German Constantin Schmid also failed to overtake Kubacki! Five more, including Kamil Stoch. Manuel Fettner took off, glided far, and received well-deserved congratulations with 104 m and a new leader. Yevgeny Klimov 100 meters and lost to a Pole!


    Unfortunately, Kamil Stoch could not reach the green line. With a strong tailwind, he landed on 97.5 m. Peter Prevc also landed in front of the green line with 99.5 m – third! Kubacki has the bronze medal! Ryoyu Kobayashi dotted the “I”. Gold for the Japanese.



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