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    A storm knocked over a crane in Krakow. Two people are dead [VIDEO]

    In Krakow, a construction crane overturned on Domagale Street. Two people died; two others were injured.

    The accident killed construction workers who were on the roof of the building, on which a crane fell. According to initial findings, the crane operator left the crane before the disaster. According to the unofficial information, the crane was out of service at the time of the accident due to the wind. The employees, who died, were 23 and 64 years old.



    The steel structure of the crane is broken, part of the crane hangs on the roof of the building and hangs on one of the walls. There are scattered sheets of metal and polystyrene foam elements all over the site.


    The incident is to be classified as a construction disaster. The reasons for the accident are being clarified by the State Trade Inspectorate. Inspectors should check whether safety regulations have been complied with despite the weather warnings.


    Videos on the Internet shed new light on the tragedy that took place in Krakow. The video shows how polystyrene plates fly through the air and how the crane has tipped over.


    “The radar data confirms the fact that a small whirlwind is responsible for the tragedy”, write the Polish storm hunters who analysed the video.


    The Polish storm hunters point out that the phenomenon must be regarded as special since it affected a highly urbanised area.




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