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    Shocking video! Putin does ignore the lives of civilians – the crying of a child breaks the heart… [VIDEO]

    A video of the Russian shelling of civilians was distributed on the Internet. Putin’s troops won’t stop – a dictator waging an insane war has no regard for the lives of ordinary people. The Ukrainians are in great danger.

    On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in a televised speech the beginning of a “special operation in Donbas.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has imposed martial law throughout the country. Russia is brutally attacking Ukraine, and these are not just military targets. 


    A video has leaked on the Internet showing an air raid. A Russian plane opened fire on civilians. In the video you see a plane approaching and a missile hitting the target. A child’s crying in the background breaks the heart – and reminds us who has suffered most from Russia’s criminal acts.



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