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    Latest news from Ukraine and mysterious signs on the roads

    The latest communique from Ukraine points to Russia’s major problems during the invasion. – Ukrainian soldiers hold the positions and inflict losses on the attacker – report the Armed Forces. The Ministry of Internal Affairs points to mysterious signs appearing on the roads.

    On Thursday morning, Russia attacked Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s troops have begun to shell Ukraine. The Ukrainian soldiers bravely defend themselves and inflict great wounds on the Russians. But they are still in grave danger.


    “We noticed suspicious signs on the roads! They are in different colours and can be indicators for the enemy troops of the aggressor country. If you notice such signs, remove them or report them,” announced the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.



    From 8:00 p.m. local time, the situation in the Donetsk operation area is tense but controlled by Ukraine. It’s under fire from Russian troops. 


    “Despite numerous enemy attacks, air force, artillery and missiles attacks as well as a large number of weapons, the enemy was unable to move deep into Ukraine,” reported the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


    The Ukrainians succeeded in fighting the attacks, defending and stopping all-important settlements and infrastructure. Many Russian tanks were destroyed.


    “Ukrainian soldiers hold their positions and inflict damage to the attacker,” informs the military.

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