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    Nature, Culture, Media. Izabelin invites to the festival of reportage

    The Foundation of Ryszard Kapuściński and the cultural centre in Izabelin are organizing the 5th edition of the “Nature – Culture – Media” festival named after Ryszard Kapuściński, the most famous Polish journalist. The theme of the event is environmental and social awareness.

    Ryszard Kapuściński was a journalist, writer, photographer and poet. He travelled through Africa in the 1960s and 1970s and wrote several books on that, like “The Emperor”, “Another Day in Life” and “The Shadow of the Sun”, a memoir of all of his journeys. He was even considered a candidate for the Nobel Literary Prize. This year, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of his birthday.


    The event starts on March 3rd when Kapuściński’s last assistant Bożena Dudko will meet with school youth to talk about working with the icon of reportage. Later, they will see the screening of a documentary “Kapuscinski in Izabelin”.


    On Friday, March 4th, the event will be opened to a larger audience. The opening act will be a documentary “Last Generation”, followed by an interview with its director Mikołaj Borowy. Later Katarzyna Boni will talk about her book, “Auroville. The city of dreams”. At 7 P.M., the main ceremony will start: a documentary “Kapuscinski. To Grasp the World”, directed by Stanislaw Zawislinski, a former student of the reporter. After the screening, there will be a photography exhibition of Bartosz Wróblewski. The day will be closed off by a concert by Krzesimir Dębski’s band.


    The last day of the event (Saturday, March 5th) will mostly consist of interviews with movie directors and journalists. There will be two movie screenings followed by interviews: of “Bukolika” (2021), directed by Karol Pałka at 2 P.M., and “The Waste Odyssey” (2010), directed by Paweł Ferdek and Łukasz Gutt. The first movie talks about living in harmony with nature, and the other about Silk Road – routes previously used for trade between Europe and Asia, now – a wasteland. Following the theme, the next interview will refer to the book “On the Silk Road” written by Bartosz Wróblewski and Weronika Rzeżutka-Wróblewska. There will be two more author interviews – with Marek Szymaniak about “Disparity. Reportages from small cities”, and with Dionysus Sturis, who will unveil the good and the bad sides of Greece, a country so loved by Poles. 


    The end of the event will be marked by readings of Ryszard Kapuściński’s works. Last, but certainly not least, saxophonist Alina Mleczko will hold a cameral concert.


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