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    A shocking VIDEO! The man reported on the events in Kharkiv. Suddenly a missile hit above his head

    At least 21 people were killed and 112 injured in Kharkiv, which was attacked by Russian troops. A video in which we see a man recording a report from Kharkiv is available on the Internet. During this time, the place where he was standing was fired upon.

    Russian troops have shelled the city council building in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, reported the agency Interfax-Ukraine, citing the deputy head of regional administration Roman Semenukh.


    This is where one of the internet users reported. He captured the moment when a manoeuvring missile hit the city council building.


    The shocking video was posted on Twitter. You can hear a bullet, an explosion, and then you see a man escape who fortunately survived.



    On Wednesday morning, a rocket hit the police and security building. Four people were killed and injured, Reuters reported, citing rescue workers. Residential buildings were damaged.


    At least 21 people died and 112 were injured last day in Kharkiv, which was attacked by Russia with the air force, said Oleh Sniehubov, Head of Administration of Kharkiv Region, on Wednesday morning.


    “In recent days Kharkiv has been under fire from the air force, artillery and firearms, but the city has resisted”, said Sniehubov, adding that Russian military equipment has penetrated the northeastern and northern districts of the city.

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