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    International Tourism Fair starts now in Wroclaw

    Starting from today, March 4th, until March 6th, the International Tourism and Free Time Fair will take place at the Tarczynski Arena in Wroclaw. The attractions will be divided into three sections: Traveller’s Festival, Culinary Festival and an educational segment. The participants will be able to participate in lectures about tourism, plan their holidays and even watch demonstrations of cooking regional foods.

    Friday is dedicated to groups interested in the tourism industry. There will be conferences about sustainable tourism, tips on how to build your travelling agency, and analyses on what tourism looked like during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides that, an award ceremony for “The Crystals of Tourism” will be held. The awards will be handed out in four categories: regional product, tourist attraction, initiatives raising ecological awareness and a cyclic event related to a product or attraction.

    On Saturday, many people of culture and members of Travellers Without Borders such as Ania Sabouri, Nikolay Kostov and David Trajkovski will talk about their trips, worthwhile places to go to, and ecological tourism. Marcin “Yeti” Tomaszewski will explain how he became Yeti in a soliloquy at 11:35 A.M. on Saturday. 

    This year, the fair is co-organized with Bulgaria, hence why there are many stands with Balkan foods. On “The Flavours of Balcans” attendees will be able to get the spices used in Bulgaria, as well as the products they make. Moreover, there will be cooking shows from Polish top chefs: MasterChef Poland star Dawid Budzich, the member of Euro-Toques Andrzej Jackowiak and Wieslaw Wroblewski, the propagator of Hungarian, Bulgarian and Polish regional cuisine and culture.

    Among the exhibitors, there will be spokesmen from hotels, manufacturers, small businesses and foundations hoping to get some attendees to visit their places. The organizers will help in achieving this goal through contests, where the winners will get vouchers to interesting places. In the previous years, Zanzibar, Sicile and Armenia were among them, and this year will be no less incredible.

    Acknowledging the current political situation, the Fair will also contribute to helping refugees. For every bread bought on Vitafit’s stand, they will donate the same amount to Ukrainian refugees in the municipal of Żórawina, where Vitafit’s bakery runs their business.


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