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    Art monuments “to be admired” in air-raid shelters [PHOTOS]

    Valuable cultural and art monuments are being moved to air-raid shelters in Lviv due to the bomb threat. The medieval statue of Jesus Christ from the Armenian Cathedral was transported to one of the bunkers – reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

    The decision on the protection of the monuments against acts of war was taken by the Lviv City Council. According to this, the wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ from the Armenian Cathedral, the most valuable part of the medieval altar that survived the Second World War, was dismantled and placed in an air-raid shelter, where it waits for the end of hostilities.


    The sculptures, which cannot be disassembled and relocated, including the fountain in the market square near the town hall, were wrapped with fireproof and protective materials. The statues of saints around the Latin cathedral are wrapped in fire-resistant material. Protective screens were also installed on the stained-glass windows of the Latin cathedral.

    In temples and residential buildings, unique stained-glass windows are shielded and some are completely dismantled. All these monuments are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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