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    Rakieta Club opens an English-speaking stand-up show

    Comedic Club, a body of comedians, stand-uppers and improvisers is introducing a new addition to their program: “English Open Mic”, a show entirely in English. It will be hosted by Ariel Bialski, an actor, comedian and Juno Award winner of Polish-Canadian descent. You can watch the show both in person in the Rakieta Club in Warsaw, but also online.

    Comedic Club is the first and only such institution in Poland. They offer a variety of shows every day: stand-ups, cabarets, sketches (titled “Some Pens are Slower”) and improvised theatre. They intend to mix American comedy with Polish culture. Although they mostly perform for adults, they also created a schedule for kids on Sunday mornings – “Comedic Club for Kids”. Recently they have decided to branch out to English-speaking audiences. 

    Starting from March 8th, every Tuesday there will be an edition of “English Open Mic”. It will be hosted by Ariel Bialski, a man of many talents: DJ-ing, acting and making people laugh. 

    The tickets cost 20PLN and the profits will be donated to foundations Ocalenie and SiePomaga, organisations helping refugees in Poland. 


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