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    Do Poles deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Interesting remark of the Spanish journalist

    The invasion of Russia into Ukraine lasts on the 19th day. “Poland and Poles deserve the Nobel Peace Prize,” says Spanish journalist Víctor Olivares. Actually, the Mexican journalist living in Spain praised the commitment of the Poles to help their eastern neighbours fleeing from the war in Ukraine. So far, Poland has taken in almost 2 million people.

    “Poland and its people deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and the international community recognition. The work they are doing with the refugees from Ukraine is simply extraordinary. What a great country,” wrote the journalist on his Twitter.



    The Norwegian Nobel Committee has not yet commented on Víctor Olivares’ proposal. The Panel has not announced its nominations for 50 years, and the names of Nobel Peace Prize candidates are often mentioned in advance by their applicants.


    A Norwegian parliamentarian nominated the Ukrainian president for the Nobel Peace Prize. In his post, he reported that in these times he is fighting for peace and encouraging the Ukrainians.


    “ZELENSKY SHOULD GET THE PEACE PRIZE. The president of Ukraine wants peace and is now seeking negotiations. He is an inspiration to his people. He should get the peace prize for that,” Christian Tybring-Gjedde wrote on Facebook.



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