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    The awakening of the conscience of Germans

    The speech of President Volodymyr Zelensky to the Bundestag will go down in history for at least one reason. The Ukrainian president was under no illusions about the usefulness of appealing to German politicians who are corrupt and involved in many ways in cooperation with Russia and who cannot make decisions that could really weaken the Putin empire.

    He knew that he had to talk to the nation. Germany is a democratic country, and there is public opinion that can urge its politicians to change their minds. If the Germans cannot give up the equivalent of one family meal in Berlin’s restaurant a year to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine, it means that they have not drawn conclusions from the wars they have waged in the last hundred years. Sooner or later, they will be charged for such things. But today it is not a question of punishing the Germans. All of this is to wake them up and not to stain their consciences with another great war. All of this is to tell them to finally stop financing this war by giving the criminal Putin free rein to control oil and gas supplies to Europe.

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