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    The Poles bought him a lorry. Now he wants to help the Ukrainians [VIDEO]

    Fardin Kazemi received a lot of help in 2019 after his battered lorry had broken down. Then the Poles managed to raise money to buy him a functioning one. Now, the Iranian driver wants to bring relief supplies to war-torn Ukraine with his Scania.

    Ferdin supplied raisins from Iran to Europe. On 3 December 2019, his International 9670 from 1988 suffered a breakdown that excluded him from further travel.


    An unusual lorry caught the attention of others, and right after that, the case went viral all over Poland. Unfortunately, it was unreasonable for the Iranian driver to repair the defect of an American truck that had earned its keep because the engine was seized up.



    Those who helped Fardin started a fundraising campaign where everyone could donate a new lorry for the Iranian. The biggest issue back then was not the lack of money, but finding a lorry that would not break rules of the embargo on sending advanced equipment to Iran, and finding the one which could be serviced in Iran including access to spare parts.


    Finally, it was possible to buy a used Scania R500 with automatic transmission and a V8 engine. The campaign gathered 6 thousand people, who collected 272,000 PLN. The Poles showed that they are really helpful, and even the Iranian consul appreciated it.


    Fardin wants himself to help and bring relief supplies to Ukraine with his new lorry, which is constantly fighting against Russia. The driver will deliver bandages for the military hospital and animal food from 11 animal shelters.



    The transport has started and is moving towards the border, through Olsztyn, Warsaw, Lublin, Rzeszów and Korczowa. At places where the transport stops, everyone can bring the items they have bought. In addition, a donation campaign was launched, which is to be used for bandages and food. Fardin Kazemi intends to go to Vinnytsia in Ukraine and leave all the help there.


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