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    52-year-old from Chorzów accused of causing a gas explosion

    There are charges against a 52-year-old resident of an apartment in Chorzów, where there was a gas explosion the day before yesterday. Part of the building’s structure was severely damaged by the explosion.

    Chorzów District Police are investigating the causes and circumstances of the explosion that occurred in one of the residential buildings in the city area. Fortunately, nothing happened to anyone as a result of the incident. Police officers from the investigation team worked on the site for several hours and inspected the scene of the incident under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s office and with the participation of the building inspector.


    Thirteen residents were evacuated from the building. Fortunately, nothing happened to anyone. After the rescue operations were completed, the investigators of the Chorzów Police investigated the scene. Under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, they investigated the crime scene, securing several traces and evidence.


    According to RMF24, the man improperly used the gas cylinder. It stood right next to the stove, got hot. The gas began to leak, and then there was an explosion. The explosion was so strong that the building was badly damaged. Therefore, not only the gas explosion was caused, but also the risk of a catastrophe appeared.


    The man wasn’t in the apartment when it exploded. Following the decision of the building inspector, four flats were taken out of service due to damage to the building structure.


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