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    Stepan, the viral cat from Kharkiv, raised money to help animals from Ukraine [PHOTOS]

    The cat Stepan gained worldwide fame through memes. Due to the war in Ukraine, Stepan has become a refugee. However, the cat took advantage of the popularity to help other pets who were not as lucky as he was.

    The cat Stepan is 13 years old and is famous for his funny memes which he poses next to unusual drinks. Stepan is from Kharkiv and was forced to leave the city due to Russian aggression. However, he still remembers other animals that had remained in Ukraine.


    The cat’s Instagram and TikTok profiles are followed by more than a million people. Stepan and his owner were forced to flee Ukraine and it turned out they both stayed in France.


    “On February 24, early in the morning, we were sleeping at home. At 5 am, some explosion was heard, and I didn’t even understand what it was. After a while, after half an hour later, there were more explosions, the windows trembled. I jumped up and understood that something terrible was happening! The attack and shelling of Kharkiv (especially on the North Saltovka where we live). We realized that the war had come to our house,” we can read. 



    There is some good news on Stepan’s Instagram. 


    “I’m heartedly grateful for your responsiveness and support! We gathered $10 035 (…) Your contributions are priceless — thanks to your support, we might provide decent care and treatment for every animal in Ukraine,” we can read in Stepan’s post. 


    The cat was able to raise more than 40,000 euros. The money is donated to organisations that help animals in Ukraine.


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