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    The Duel of Bands

    Three bands, one winner, a concert in perspective. On March 30th in Od Nowa Club, three bands will compete for a chance to appear at Piernikalia – a Torun edition of juvenilia, a yearly student carnival. The concert starts at 7 P.M. and entry is free.

    Piernikalia is a combination of words pierniki – gingerbread cookies, a regional special of Torun, and juvenalia – a yearly festival where students are dismissed from their classes for three days to participate in different events, including concerts. In a symbolic gesture, the mayor hands the keys to the city gates over to the students. 

    One of the events leading up to Piernikalia is a “Duel of Bands”, where independent bands compete to perform during juvenalia. There are two tours of the battle located in a club “Od Nowa” (“Renewal”) established by the Academic Centre of Culture and Art created in 1958.

    Among the participants are Granda – a punk-rock band rebelling against politics, bigotry and lack of depth in lyrics; Entfloria – a trio of friends making improvised music inspired by nature and folklore, and The Bluhajs, an alternative group of guitarists set to debut during the Duel of Bands. 


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