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    [UPDATE] Yamal gas port's supplies suspended

    Reuters reported, citing Gascade data, that the LNG terminal in Mallnow had not received Russian gas to flow through the Yamal pipeline since March 29. Delivery via other routes, e.g., via Nord Stream 1, is as usual.

    According to the Agency, the shipments were routed eastwards at 1 p.m. on 29 March at 1.451,155 kWh/h. Then they fell to zero. 


    In the evening Gazprom auctioned part of the gas capacity for Germany. Of course, this does not automatically mean that the raw material is shipped – the Russian company has repeatedly failed to do so in the past.


    Up to now, there has been no drop in deliveries on other routes such as Nord Stream 1.


    Problems with transporting gas through the Yamal pipeline may be due to the inability to pay for it. Most Russian banks were cut off from the international financial system SWIFT, making transactions significantly more difficult. However, it has been said quite frankly that this should not apply to banks that do business with Russian raw materials.


    Russia has announced that it intends to introduce a tax on hydrocarbons in rubles. This information increases the likelihood of further problems in the supply of raw materials, as Western banks have largely suspended the changeover to the Russian currency.




    According to the newest information provided by Reuters, the flow of the gas pipeline was resumed.




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