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    Symbolism is not enough anymore

    US President Joe Biden’s very important visit to Poland could be a real breakthrough in Western geopolitics towards Russia. Biden has made it clear that ending the war is not enough. A breakthrough is achieving three other objectives – halving the Russian economy, getting rid of Putin, and winning Ukraine. If that were possible, Russia would stop threatening the world and perhaps learn to live in peace with its neighbours. At a time when the eyes of the whole world were on Poland, Biden spoke to the most important ministers of the Ukrainian government. A strong symbolism formed with the words of John Paul II.

    That’s great! The problem is, symbolism is not enough anymore. Today, hundreds of people die every day in the war, children, women and men. There are destroyed infrastructures and houses and the great suffering of the people living in the war zones. There is a growing risk that besieged cities will collapse and that Russia will capture these areas.


    That is why we need something concrete today. We need to know what the NATO countries are going to do in the coming days concerning blocking the flow of money to Russia. How are they going to realistically arm Ukraine? 


    Without a detailed plan, carried out harshly and consistently, Biden’s visit could turn from a success to a failure, at least for the US and himself. You can’t say such words and then do nothing. The only thing that has been mentioned is what has already been done. I understand that certain things have to be kept secret. The problem is whether it’s a secret or an impossibility. I think everything has to change today, but it must change quickly.


    The US can help Poland put pressure on the EU to change its policy towards Russia. Some measures must now be taken to supply arms and diversify fuel imports. As far as arms deliveries are concerned, it is perhaps better for the Russians to know when they are hit by the Ukrainians. But the shipments have to be bigger. As far as fuel sanctions and the diversion of trade in hydrocarbons are concerned, it is good to make things loud. For example, to increase their production. This immediately lowers prices on the global stock exchanges.


    Of course, it makes sense to speed up arms deliveries to Poland, but that means more expenditure on the army. Money is needed for this, just as it is for the tax cut planned by the Polish Government. Tax cuts are an excellent way to manage Ukrainians living in Poland. However, before this has an economic impact, additional resources must be available. I hope that the EU and the US will at least be able to keep their word here.

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