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    #ArmUkraineNow [VIDEO]

    USA, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic. These are the few countries that clearly and openly declare aid for Kyiv. The United States gave Ukraine the equivalent of $ 7.5 billion within four weeks of the Russian invasion. Poland gave almost EUR 1 billion. Apart from the government in Warsaw, there are London, Berlin and Paris. Overall, EU Member States contributed less than 3 billion. Today, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, Andrii Deshchytsia, addressed the international community with a clear message.


    “We need weapons to end Russian imperialism, to end threats from the Kremlin. And just like the Warsaw Insurgents demanded ammunition, we turn to the whole world – we are asking for weapons. We are asking for military support. And this hashtag with which the President of Ukraine today launched a campaign around the world sounds #ArmUkraineNow. It is certainly directed to the rest of the world with the great demand that Ukraine needs weapons to win this war and defend the rest of the world against the Russian horde,” Andrii Deshchytsia told Republika TV.

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