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    Ukraine – Luhansk Oblast: Russians were bombarding residential areas all last night

    The residential area in Luhansk Oblast is under attack, civilians are in danger. Russian forces were dropping bombs on the residential neighbourhood and destroying the buildings. As reported by Governor Serhiy Haidai via Telegram, 8 people didn’t survive the attack.



    6 people died and 2 people were seriously injured during the heavy artillery fire in the cities of Hirske and Zolote.

    2 more casualties were found under the rubble in Popasna. The house was destroyed a few days earlier.

    “There were two women under the rubble, who unfortunately could not be saved,” Governor informed.

    Despite Orthodox Easter, the Russian missiles destroyed residential buildings in SievierodonetskLysychansk, Novodruzhesk, Rubizhne, and Hirske.

    “Residential houses throughout the region are massively destroyed. The exact death toll is being confirmed. The Russian army has taken offensive actions towards Sievierodonetsk and Popasna. They built a floating bridge across the Krasna River towards Sievierodonetsk. There are fights in Rubizhne and Popasna,” Serhiy Haidai wrote on Telegram.

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