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    CinemaTalk about “Songs About Love”

    KINOrozmowa (CinemaTalk) is a program created by Marcin Radomski, a film critic and journalist. He interviews movie directors, actors and operators about the movies they filmed for his YouTube channel ‘KINOrozmowa’. On April 28th he will talk with Tomasz Habowski, the director of award-winning “Piosenki o miłości” (Eng. Songs About Love).

    “Songs About Love” follows Robert (Tomasz Włosok) – the son of a famous actor who wants to grow out of his father’s shadow, and Alicja (Justyna Święs, the vocalist of The Dumplings), a talented singer who doesn’t believe in herself. Together, they want to make a music project, but their individual ambitions get in the way. The movie is a bittersweet story about finding yourself.

    The movie was filmed in Warsaw, at Klub SPATiF among other places. That’s also where the interview will take place (April 28th, 8 P.M.) The movie is Tomasz Habowski’s debut, which premiered on March 25th, 2022. It was announced as the best micro-budget film at the Polish Festival of Feature Films in Gdynia.

    During the interview, Marcin Radomski will ask Habowski why music connects people, how did he manage to enrol Justyna Święs into acting and about the movie’s success. The entry is free, and a video recording will be later uploaded on the KINOrozmowa YouTube channel.


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