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    The consensus on the air traffic controller's matter has been reached. Will the dispute end at that point?

    The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAZP) has signed an agreement with protesting air traffic controllers, the Air Traffic Controllers Trade Union has announced.

    The Polish Air Navigation Agency (PAZP) has signed an agreement with representatives of the air traffic controllers’ union (ZZ KRL). The agreement between the ZZ KRL and PAZP is scheduled to enter into force by 10 July.


    “We have good news. The most important thing is that we do not run the risk of paralysing air traffic over Poland. I would like to thank those who have made this document binding. I was hopeful that this agreement would be possible. I will continue to say that the parties are in dialogue, not at war. And the dialogue is the most important thing because dialogue serves the organisation, Polish aviation, aviation security,” minister Adamczyk stressed.


    Constructive talks would prevent the worst-case scenario for Polish airspace. 


    “We have a breakthrough in the negotiations with the air traffic controllers’ union! The subcommittee of the Sejm will meet soon and we will share the details”, Minister Adamczyk wrote on Twitter.


    Those who plan to fly in the next few days can breathe a sigh of relief. Air traffic will not be disrupted. 


    The controllers have been protesting for several weeks now, demanding higher wages and better working conditions and threatening they will refuse to renew their contracts.


    The PAZP and Andrzej Adamczyk, the infrastructure minister, have been involved in the negotiations with the controllers, whose wages were cut during the coronavirus pandemic due to the limited number of flights. (PAP)


    The agreement between the ZZ KRL and PAZP is valid by the 10th of July. The air traffic controllers union said it had “made far-reaching concessions”, but said that “this is not the end of the war, this is a truce.”


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