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    Historical Picnic in Lazienki Park in Warsaw

    In celebration of Constitution Day, the Living Museum of Cavalry organizes a historical picnic inspired by the Duchy of Warsaw period. In the program will be displays of uniforms from that period, film screenings and strolls through the Lazienki Park in the company of the museum workers in costumes.

    Historic Picnic According to Duchy of Warsaw is a part of the “Living Museum of Cavalry – Interactive Historic Guide” project whose aim is to make history easily accessible and fun to discover. Its activities are split into two days: May 1stand 3rd. On the 1st, the event will start at 1 P.M. with a segment ‘Ladies and Uhlans’, where museum workers dressed up in periodical costumes will accompany the attendees during strolls through the Lazienki Park. It will end at 4 P.M. An hour later screenings of Grzegorz Gajewski’s movies will take place.

    On May 3rd, at 1 P.M. show horses will march through Lazienki until the official muster under the monument of Józef Poniatowski, a famous Polish general who participated in the Napoleon wars. At 2 P.M. at the Warsaw Hippodrome, there will be a showcase of cavalry uniforms from the Napoleon era and the Second Polish Republic, including the President’s Guard and Chevau-légers. The event will be concluded with Grzegorz Gajewski’s presentation of his movies.


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