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    A horse can help you cope with depression

    The level of oxytocin in the human body can be increased through the regular stay in the company of a horse and “learning” together. What does it mean? This co-work benefits you sooner than you think, and the development of communication and social skills is a matter of time. Horse Assisted Education (HAE) is studied by a PhD student from the University of Lodz.

    According to the research conveyed by Kinga Rucka and shared on the University of Lodz website, therapy allows the patient to get to know the animal and establish a connection with it and the outside world. They also perfectly read our emotions, non-verbal speech and they sense the rhythm of the patient’s heart, which can reflect our attitude and well-being.

    She points out that horses communicate all the time and look for signals in order to guess and meet the people’s expectations. A state of peace and relaxation is very important to horses. During the interaction with them, humans also learn to calm down and relax.



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