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    May 8th is the Librarian's Day in Poland

    Librarian and Library Day is a symbol of the work of librarians, presenting the professional achievements of the librarian community, as well as a reflection on the identity of libraries and their role in building cultural heritage.

    National Librarian and Library Day has been celebrated on May 8th since 1985. Over the years this holiday initiated by the Polish Librarians’ Association has been the opening of the Library Week.


    Library Week is a time when libraries of all types open up even more to their users by organizing occasional events: meetings, conferences, or workshops. Readers can take part in the events in the physical presence in the real library space and the activities of online libraries. They can access their digital resources through library websites, web portals, and traditional and social media.


    This year, Library Week will be held under the slogan “Library – the world in one place”.



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    The slogan was coined by Grażyna Piskorz, the Deputy Director of the Raczyński Library in Poznań and it refers to the micro-and macro space. When you enter the library, you reach another Universum and stay on Earth at the same time. It is like a time journey, you can visit 19th-century England or Ancient Rome within a couple of hours. The whole world is in one place. All knowledge about the world is at your fingertips.


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