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    Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish cities to cooperate for Ukraine

    The mayors of the Polish city of Plock, Zhytomyr in Ukraine and Malaga in Spain have signed an agreement on cooperation for Ukraine and its citizens.

    Under the agreement, signed by Andrzej Nowakowski from Plock, Serhij Sukhomlyn from Zhytomyr and Francisco de la Torre from Malaga, Zhytomyr will receive assistance from Malaga and will be granted access to United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) crisis management, leader training and entrepreneurship courses.


    Plock and Malaga belong to the CIFAL Global Network, which is composed of UNITAR international training centres which are designed to improve the competencies of leaders of local communities, and exchange knowledge and good practices in sustainable development.


    The signed agreement “is another example of a true partnership of cities and its significance in crisis situations,” Nowakowski said.


    Zhytomyr is a partner city of Plock.

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