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    Ukrainian library established in Gdansk

    On May 11th the RC Foundation based in Gdansk opened a library with books in Ukrainian. It was an initiative of Dasha Balabai, a Ukrainian artist and activist who actively works to support refugees. The library currently has 300 books and its collection grows every day.

    Dasha Balabai was born in 1980 in Kharkiv. She works as a journalist, documentary filmmaker and director of Palm. L Studio that she had founded. She’s also a volunteer, and recently she introduced the idea of a Ukrainian library to the RC Foundation, which has a history of supporting refugees through Polish language courses, administrative support and counselling. The initiative was quickly put into action.

    The action was co-organized by the government of Lviv, which collected about 300 books for both children and adults. The donation is still ongoing. Books were transported to Poland by trucks with humanitarian help sent to Ukraine by a charity group “Tczew for Ukraine”. “Thanks to that, the trucks didn’t return empty, and we didn’t have to worry about transport,” said Dasha in regards to the matter.

    The library is placed on Grunwaldzka 5 in Gdansk and is open from 9 A.M to 4 P.M.


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