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    New book '' History of Poland''

    The history of Poland takes in over 1000 years and presenting it in a competent way requires not only a deep knowledge of the subject but also courage. Professor Andrzej Nowak of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow took up the challenge and for the last 5 years has been writing a monumental series. The first three volumes tell the story of the beginning of the country, the early medieval time, feudal partition, and the successful attempt to reunite the country in the 14th century.The most recent volume discusses the golden age of the 15th and 16th centuries, with Poland as a local powerhouse and cultural and economic magnet. The complete series is expected to contain at least 10 volumes.

     ”The 16th century in Poland, and particularly the second half, was a time when cultural war was waged using modern methods, for example by printing books. On one side Calvinists were printing their books and disseminating their ideas, on the other the protestant “Polish brothers”did exactly the same. And Catholics were using books and the printing presses for the same purpose. Another level of this discussion was whether religious differences should lead to political division? And this is the question they had struggled with. It is very typical for 16th century Poland that the answer to this question was negative. That meant that the feeling of political unity was stronger than religious divisions. Thus Poles were more able to exchange arguments than blows, unlike most contemporary european nations who were divided by reformist and counter-reformist movements”- says Andrzej Nowak.


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