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    Poznan police catch one of Europe's most wanted criminals

    Police in the city of Poznan have arrested a Hungarian gangster, one of Europe’s most wanted criminals, who had been on the run for eight years.

    The man is under court arrest in Poland awaiting extradition to Hungary.

    A police spokesperson said a specialist police unit known as the ‘Head Hunters’ had seized Zoltan Plank in the town of Kepno in south-central Poland in an operation conducted together with the ENFAST (European Network on Fugitive Active Search Teams) police network and the Polish Police Headquarters Criminal Bureau.

    “The arrest operation was conducted on Wednesday evening,” said Inspector Mariusz Ciarka. “A combat group of the Independent Counter-Terrorist Sub-Unit in Poznan entered an apartment identified in Kepno. Police seized the man, who had lived there for some time. He had used false personal data.”

    The police spokesperson stressed that Zoltan Plank is one of the most sought after criminals in Hungary and Europe, and had been in hiding for eight years.

    “He is suspected of ordering the murder of his partner,” the inspector explained. “He took part in an attack on a group of Chinese citizens, during which a shooting occurred with the use of a Kalashnikov rifle. He is also responsible for the theft of EUR 1.5 million in cash. A wanted message was posted on Europol’s Europe’s Most Wanted website.”

    Police from Poznan gained information on the wanted man from ENFAST officials. “The moment his true identity was confirmed, they prepared the arrest operation,” Ciarka said. “At the most opportune moment, counter-terrorist police stepped into action. The fugitive will now remain under Polish arrest awaiting extradition to Hungary.” 

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