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    No one asked, everyone needed. Lukashenko teaches children how to open bottles [VIDEO]

    A funny scene occurred during Lukashenko’s meeting with Belarusian pioneers yesterday. The dictator instructed children on how to open bottles. He even gave a demonstration, accompanied by applause.

    The regime’s dictator in Minsk, Aleksandr Lukashenko, met with Belarusian children and youth yesterday to mark the 100th anniversary of the pioneer movement. 


    “In your hands is the future of the homeland and you should defend your homeland. You will never do better anywhere than on your land,” Lukashenko said.


    During the meeting with young people, he did not run away from political themes, saying that he “received information” that some of the protesters against the rigged elections in 2020 “really want to go home. ” They really want to go home, but they don’t know how”.


    There was also no shortage of Lukashenko’s stories about his childhood years and activities in the pioneer movement, as well as admonitions “to put the phones down and get on with real life”.


    Lukashenko also supported the initiative for a “memory lesson” on the “Great Patriotic War” and, according to, “agreed to act as a teacher”.


    The meeting with the pioneers would have passed unnoticed if not for a certain scene that took place during it.


    Lukashenko pointed out that one of the boys was having trouble opening a bottle of juice. He asked him to come to him and… instructed him on how he should open the bottle. He shook it, tapped the bottom and opened it with accompanying applause from the audience.



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