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    Concert in memory of Witold Pilecki’s death

    To commemorate the memory of Witold Pilecki – the cavalry captain of the Polish army, leader of the Polish resistance during World War II and the author of Witold’s Report – The Museum of Doomed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of Polish People’s Republic (PRL) organized a few events including lectures and a concert. Activities start at 10 A.M. on May 25th and end at 9:30 P.M., at the time of Pilecki’s death. Entries to the events are free.

    Witold Pilecki (1901-1948) was a Polish soldier. He fought in the Polish-Soviet War, September Campaign (1939) and the Warsaw Uprising. He’s known for intentionally getting captured by German officials to infiltrate the Auschwitz concentration camp. There, he built up a resistance movement and documented Nazi war crimes and the treatment of the prisoners, and smuggled those papers out to Home Army. He managed to escape from the camp in April 1943, after which he described his experiences in Auschwitz in the “Witold’s Report”. 

    After the end of the war, Witold Pilecki stayed loyal to the Polish government-in-exile and on their behalf, he organized a report on the actions of the new communist government. In 1946 he was uncovered by the Ministry of Public Safety, and arrested on May 8th, 1947. He was tortured and put in a show trial. He was executed on May 25th, 1948 in the Mokotów Prison.

    The Museum of Doomed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of PRL (Polish: Polska Republika Ludowa) prepared numerous events. At 10 A.M., there will be an exhibition of Pilecki’s memorabilia lent to the Museum by Zofia Pilecka. Until 6 P.M., guests will be able to attend historical pavilions of the Museum with an emphasis on Pilecki’s story. The main event is the concert “Tribute to the Commander”, where traditional patriotic songs will be performed, as well as musical interpretations of romantic poets (e.g., “My Song” by Cyprian K. Norwid). Among the invited artists will be Andrzej Lampert, Krzysztof Iwaneczko and Barbara Pospieszalska. The concert starts at 8:30P.M. at Rakowiecka 37.


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