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    A driver drove a coach with children onto a closed railway crossing. The District Attorney’s Office has carried out an enquiry [VIDEO]

    The District Attorney’s Office in Mińsk Mazowiecki has begun an investigation into the case of a coach driving in the town of Chrośla despite lowered half barriers on a railway crossing and a red signal being given, PAP has learned.

    “Police officers of the Minsk police station received information about the incident by email on 20 May 2022 from PKP PLK. The passage of the bus carrying, among others, children were recorded by witnesses of the incident and published on the Internet”. – The spokesman of the District Police Headquarters in Mińsk Mazowiecki, sub-commander Marcin Zagórski, informed. 


    The sub-commander pointed out that in this case, police officers of the Minsk police station performed actions ordered by the District Attorney’s Office in Minsk Mazowiecki. “They secured the recording and carried out its examination, questioned witnesses to the incident, established the owner of the bus and the driver,” the policeman stressed.


    “The materials from the actions taken by the police officers were handed over to the Minsk prosecutor’s office, which initiated an investigation under Article 174 §1 of the Penal Code, i.e., causing an immediate danger of a catastrophe to land traffic,” he reported.


    “Police officers appeal and remind that every traffic participant must strictly obey traffic signs and signals. We should remember that sometimes seemingly minor negligence can result in very serious consequences,” added the District Police Headquarters in Mińsk Mazowiecki spokesperson.


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