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    The Lajkonik Parade in Cracow!

    The Lajkonik – a Tatar in a pointed hat, a Mongol attire, and a wooden horse around his waist is one of the unofficial symbols of Cracow. The story of this event dates back to 1947 and the Lajkonik Parade has been organised on Cracow’s streets year by year. Thanks to the Museum of Krakow, people celebrated it online even during the pandemic.

    At the Market Square, Lajkonik will receive a tribute (protection money) from the Mayor (President) of Krakow, and they will toast the prosperity of its inhabitants together. The origins of this custom date back to the 13th century. According to the popular legend, the story of this event is connected with saving Krakow from the Mongol invasion.


    On June 23, 2022, after a two-year break, you will be able to meet the Lajkonik and his retinue again on the streets of Krakow! It is also worth remembering that the real Lajkonik can be seen only once a year, precisely on the octave of Corpus Christi. This is the only occasion in the year to have luck by the blow of the Lajkonik’s mace. 

    “In 2014, the Lajkonik procession was entered on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This entry is the basis for this Krakow tradition to be included on the UNESCO List of Representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which includes customs, traditions, and rituals from around the world.” (


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